Gather round as we embark on a journey about how you can host your very own fully fledged Spring Boot web application (API and Frontend) for as little as $5/month.

I would like for this guide to be as comprehensive as possible. So if you have questions about how to get from point A to point B, please leave a comment.

Oh, and if something here was helpful to you, remember to bookmark this guide so you can find it again.

  • A spring boot web application that can run on your localhost machine

Step 1: The Accounts

We’re going to be signing up for…

This is a short tutorial on how to use different development environments in the Spring Boot framework


Skip this part if you already know why you might want environments.

Environments allow you configurability in the way your application is launched. This means that you can host our application in different location / on different infrastructure without changing the underlying logic of the application. For example, you might have a staging environment that isn’t public facing. It probably contains fake data and developers can use it to make sure things aren’t broken. You might have development environment that runs on your…

So you’re building a Spring Boot application and you want to use Postgres. There are lots of guides that have various solutions of varying degrees of success. Some use older tools. Here’s my modern (2020) setup that I’m using in production for my project

This project uses Gradle, I don’t know how to do it using other build tools.

Also, I work on a mac- so my software recommendations are biased in that direction. If you know of tools that work the same in other environments I’d love to know about them. Leave a comment!

Make sure your local…


Universal links are a powerful tool in your company’s marketing toolbox. With the right architecture, a single URL can direct users to a coordinated experience regardless of platform.

Even under the ordinary iOS ecosystem, universal links come with a large list of gotchas. The scope of this blog post is the solutions to these and additional gotchas that come from getting universal links to work within React Native the same way they do with vanilla Cocoa (ha!).

Basic Setup

Universal links work through a relationship between the app’s capabilities and your website’s apple-app-site-association file. This file must have the following properties.

  1. It…

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